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How can you improve in search engine results if you don't know the best keywords to optimize for your organization and where your keywords currently rank? Orchard shows you domain details which influence your search engine rankings and monitors your keywords. In search engine results in nearly any industry, over 85% of searchers click on organic search engine listings over sponsored or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Orchard features the capability to monitor your overall domain marketing efforts and organic search engine marketing. Instantly view and track your organic marketing campaigns with keyword/phrase rankings and keep track of your targeted keywords. See what share of the organic market you have compared to your competitors. With Orchard, we have taken a fast-paced and competitive market and given our clients the tools to move forward, manage, and keep track of their search engine progress.

Internet marketing is unique when compared to more traditional marketing channels. It is fast paced, extraordinarily dynamic and very sophisticated. For most companies, tasks like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, vertical submissions and other forms of SEM/O are far removed from their comfort level both in terms of skill set and daily focus. These responsibilities are our strengths and our passion. With Orchard, organic search engine marketing campaigns become highly measurable. You can witness first-hand your progress in search engines through the Orchard dashboard.

See how your campaigns are developing over time. One of the largest indicators of keyword placement in search engines is the number of high quality backlinks/inbound links you have to your web site. With Orchard it's easy to review your backlinks on all major search engines. With historical views, see how you are improving and moving forward in rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Orchard works in unison with our search engine marketing products - Bedrock, Crawlable Content, and Inbound. Orchard works with these products to offer you the best in search engine keyword ranking and campaign improvement.

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Have an eCommerce store? Automatically broadcast your products to sites where your customers are already shopping - on retail web sites. We list your product catalog on over 75 retail web sites.

All of the features you need to build and manage a great website. Simple, familiar web-based tools to manage all of your web site content needs.